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    Probes Close Up

The GVM AgriProbe is a professional and automatic soil sampling machine.

GVM understands how important soil sampling is and how many hours in a day it can take.

The AgriProbe was created and designed to speed up this previously lengthy process and shorten the number of labor hours it takes to manually sample. It will also allow you to collect your soil samples more efficiently and assist in collecting more revenue by allowing you to provide a more consistent and repeatable service. 

Increasing input costs have forced more growers to invest in a soil sampling to generate more production. Soil sampling will become more important and it will need to be done more frequently and more intensively in each of your fields.

  • Quick, easy soil sampling – automated process
  • Probe2Prowler™ is possible in 72 hours or less
    • With the AgriProbe, you can pull a sample on Monday, get the results back from a quality lab, and have a Prowler in the field by Thursday, spreading from a variable rate map.*
  • Depending on the intensity and depth of your sampling, simple operation allows you to sample 100-150 acres per hour
  • Optional sampling depths: 6, 8, 10 and 12 in.
  • Sampling completed upfront, in full view of the operator
  • Assists you in providing a more consistent and repeatable service and increases your sampled acres per day
    • Travel up to 9 mph between samples
    • Top speed of 18 mph
  • All year round, the multipurpose Bobcat base**
    • Capable of pulling Veris rig
    • Can be used with over 40 attachments

*Requires using a soil lab within a 48 turn-around time
** Bobcat base sold separately 

The AgriProbe is built on a Bobcat Toolcat base, to provide year-round usability.

  • Four wheel drive with independent suspension
  • Two-wheel and all-wheel steer
  • Heated/air conditioned cab
  • 56 hp diesel
  • Hydrostatic two range transmission
  • 5500 lb operational weight
  • 4200 lb total load capacity
  • 4000 lb towing capacity with standard 2 in. hitch
  • Over 40 different attachments available for this model


5600 Bobcat Toolcat all purpose chassis

  • Kubota 59 hp hydrostatic transmission
  • Low speed 9 mph, high speed 18 mph
  • 18.9 GPM hydraulic system
  • Heat and air conditioning
  • (4) 29x12.50-16 turf tires
  • Independent suspension


The operator will engage the auto operation switch to begin probing. He or she will then lower the mast and then the probe, collecting the sample.  Once in the full up position, the silo vacuum and the front probe vibrator will run for 5-8 seconds and then automatically turn off. This cycle is also programmable.

The soil sample is then vacuumed from the probe through the collection hose, and deposited into the silo vacuum chamber. When enough dirt to make a complete sample has been collected (1-2 samples for a 12 in. probe, 2-3 samples for an 8 in. probe, 3-4 samples for a 6 in. probe) the bagging switch should be engaged.

For the next 10 seconds, the silo vibrator and the electronic filter shaker will run to ensure that 99% of the waste is discharged.

The sample will travel up the conveyor to be discharged into a stainless steel funnel and down into the bag inside of the cab through an 8 in. air gate.  

AgriProbe with 14 in. Slide Rack and Cylinder

  • 1.5 in. stainless steel probe, 6 in. to 12 in. long. Includes 1 probe per machine
  • 12 volt, 85 lb vibrator
  • 2.5 in. x 14 in. cylinder
  • Weight rack to hold up to 500 lb of suit case weightsQuick detach with hydraulic coupler

Silo-Vacuum Specifications

  • (2) 1600 watt motors, 4.8 hp, 220 volt
  • 72 dBa noise level
  • 11 Hg in. vacuum rating (150 in. water lift)
  • 210 CFM volume rating
  • 13 sq ft primary filter area

Hydro 500 Hydraulic Generator

  • 5000 watts continuous (5500 peak)
  • Automatic load protection
  • Maintenance free

5 ft Mini Belt Conveyor

  • 220 volt motor
  • 8 in. urethane belt with .80 in. cleats every 12"
  • Aluminum side rails
  • Runs 22 ft per minute
  • Stainless steel hopper with bagging tube and bag holder

High Output Air Compressor with Storage Tank

  • 110 psi, 12 volt
  • Built in regulator
  • Turns on compressor at 85 psi
  • Turns off compressor at 110 psi
  • 20 ft of .25 in. air hose


  • Automation system with touch pad
  • Forklift skid assembly with tarp and bows